5+ Sales Order Templates

Sales order is seller generated document to confirm sale of goods as per order made by customer. It is usually prepared after receiving purchased order by side of customer. Core purpose of sales order to identify customer ordered goods and price of mentioned goods before delivering the order. Most of people mix it with sales invoice but it is a totally different thing. It can turn into sales invoice if sales order is confirmed and accepted by the buyer of goods. Sales order can be made quickly by using pre formatted sales order templates.

Sales order is generated by seller when customer shows his or her interest to purchase some goods, products or services from particular seller or vendor. It serves as a confirmation of sale before delivering mentioned products or services to customer. Sales order makes the selling process easier. it may consists of basic details about the transaction such as date, unique sales order number, name of the customer, description of goods or services to be sold, price details, delivery address and payment terms etc. it must be prepared with all essential information to make each and everything clear regarding the transaction.

Majority of business organizations and companies are using software and computer programs in these days to generate computerized sales orders. Use of such programs and software could be expensive for small businesses and companies. Here we have sales order templates with basic elements and details must be included in a sales order. It can work really well as alternative to expensive computer programs. You can download sales order template in MS word and excel format according to your interest and needs. All types of businesses and sellers can use these free sales order templates after basic editing to insert business name and logo etc.

Find Sales Order Templates Here

Sales Order Sample

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Blank Sales Order Template

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Printable Sales Order

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Sales Order Format

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Sales Order Excel Template

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