5+ Project Charter Examples

A project charter is a key component of project management process. It is a very formal, frequently little piece of document or paper, that contains brief description of a project exclusively. Project charter explains that what the targeted goals are regarding a project, how it will be accomplished and finalized, and who the shareholders are. It is the most essential result of the project beginning stage, which professionally empowers the work of the project to start or continue and provides the project manager control to perform his duty. Using a project charter example PDF, one can easily prepare his or her project charter using a project charter templates.

This charter is also known as project initiation form or project authorization. Moreover, it should be including a description of the business requirement the project will conform. It should also be explaining about the product developing from the project. Further, project charter must be issued by someone external to the project team, generally a manager outside to the project, which is able to fulfill the requirements throughout the process. It must be issued at the applicable organizational level to satisfy the requirements. It is highly important for the project manager as it creates his role conical, makes the project authorized, and finally, sets the targets for it.

Nevertheless, a charter gives a clear-cut picture of where and why you are going, who will be clashed, major risks that are involved in project as well as from who you are going to get help. It is created altogether as a team and shared with stakeholders upon achievement afterwards. For users who wish to make such a charter, we have put together a variety of project charter example PDF templates in different styles and formats so users can choose any of them or all of them how they want. Get the project charter templates from below.

Here Are Project Charter Examples