Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit Templates

Domestic relations financial affidavit templates are presented in the bottom of this page. Domestic relations financial affidavit is a legal financial statement which is needed by most of the local areas or counties for the purpose of divorce and various other family law concerns in the state. It is a categorized list of a person’s monthly income and expenditures and a brief list of assets as well as liabilities that includes houses, bank and retirement accounts, credit cards and others. Using this one can easily disclose his or her financial data including all monthly income, assets and expenses to the other party in a domestic and friendly way.

Domestic relations financial affidavit is very helpful for a variety of purposes in family law cases and situations. It is a great analysis of the monetary condition of the parties and of the spousal residence. It also requires the parties to think after the expenditures of their children which they collect as a credit for on the child care worksheets. Further, it is helpful to inform the court the financial status of parties for a family law concern like alimony, child support or distribution of marital property in case of divorce.

Nevertheless, a domestic relations financial affidavit requires name, address and contact information of the parties, date of marriage and separation, name and date of birth of children for whom the action is taken, name and date of birth of other children, employment and income, summary of your monthly income and employment, incentives of employment, monthly expenses, statement of bank accounts, stamp and signatures of notary public of county of state of Georgia and so on. Go ahead and download the free and printable domestic relations financial affidavit templates given below.

Here Are Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit Templates