6+ Purchase Order Templates

Purchase order is a document sent by a buyer to a supplier to order a particular thing. A purchase order template generally has all the important information about the item that should be purchase. As much detailed a purchase order will be, as much effective it would be, so it must be considered while creating a purchase draft that it must have all the essential details. It is duty of the buyer to communicate with the seller in a clear way and provide clear information to avid any sort of confusion.

A purchase order template can be made while using various tools like, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft word or some printable templates are also available online which can be edited. No matter how you are creating your template, some of the important features must be considered, that are essential parts of a purchase order document. A purchase order when received and agreed by the vendor or the supplier becomes binding on both the parties and the contract has a legal worth. So a purchase order should be made wisely and it should provide complete information.

A purchase order template should have the name of the company, along with its logo; it also has shipping details (name, complete address and contact number), vendor’s name, address and phone number. To avoid any sort of inconvenience email and any emergency numbers should also be added of both the parties.  The next important information added in the purchase order is about the product, product’s name or code, model, size, price and quantity must be mentioned, along with any additional details under the title of description of the product. If there are some terms and conditions for the contract, that should also be mentioned in the clearly. You should assign a number to the purchase order, and should total the amount, including and excluding taxes. A sample of purchase order template is attached with this article.

Find Purchase Order Templates Below

Purchase Order Samplepurchase-order-template-168 download-link-2

Blank Purchase Order

purchase-order-template-224 download-link-2

Purchase Order Form

purchase-order-template-340 download-link-2

Purchase Order PDF

purchase-order-template-440 download-link-2

Company Purchase Order

purchase-order-template-598 download-link-2

Purchase Order Template Free

purchase-order-template-674 download-link-2