6+ Business Card Templates

A business card is the first introduction of a person, and represents the person who he is actually and his business as well. Various types and designs of business card templates are available in the market, which represent different people, their choices, moods and their business. No matter what type of business card you feel fit for your business and how you believe that it is suitable for your business, there are some requirements or essential features that every business card must have and above all your cad should be eye catching.

First of all a business card template should have the name of the person printed on the upper left corner of the card. This is the real introduction of a person and first thing that anyone notices. Then comes the position of the person, designation or the title that the particular person holds, it should be mentioned along with the name. Add important contact information on your business card, as will help others to contact you, contact information includes phone number, email, fax, web address, postal address (physical address), LinkedIn, twitter, facebook. This allows people, who are interested to contact you to get in touch in any way.

You can also add your photo on your business card, tough it is optional, some want to give an identity and some do not want it. As your business card is your marketing tool so it should do this job properly, you should add logo or the brand colors on the business card, it relates business to you and easiest way to advertise your business. Do not forget to write the main feature of your business like service you provide or your special area of expertise, on your business card; it will let other remember you through your card. You should be creative to attract people and can also use RSS feed, URL or QR codes as well. You can turn your business card as innovative as you can. Here are business card templates attached with this article.

Business Card Templates Are Added Below

Business Card Designbusiness-card-template-197 download-link-2

Sample Business Card


Business Card Template Word

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Blank Business Card Template

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Business Card Format

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Creative Business Card

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