6+ Bill Of Lading Templates

Find free bill of lading templates on this page to generate spotless bill of lading for your customers or clients. Use of such templates provides lots of benefits to users. When you want to avail services of a shipper or carrier company in order to get products or goods delivered from one place to another place, they may create a document named bill of lading for you. It works like a contract between you and carrier of goods to transport a particular shipment or package of products. They often use bill of lading templates to generate bill of lading for each and every transaction.

Basically bill of lading is generated by the Shipment Company or agent of goods carrier as acknowledgement of receipt of shipment or goods for transportation or delivery purpose. It indicates that good or products have been received by the carrier or shipper and he is obliged to deliver mentioned products or goods to destination address. It may include details like name of the carrier or shipment company, name of the customer, description of goods included in the package or shipment, weight or quantity of goods, services charges to be paid by customer, destination address and expected date & time of delivery etc.

Bill of lading is useful for both parties. Shipper can use details mentioned in the bill of lading to ship the freight carefully for safe and timely delivery. Most of shipper asks to show the bill of lading at the time of delivery to deliver the goods or products to just right recipient. Internet is full with blank bill of lading templates that any company or individual shipper can use to generate bill of lading for customers. If you really don’t want to spend time on internet search then find editable bill of lading templates under the content and download free of any charge.

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Straight Bill Of Lading


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