5+ Standard Business Letter Formats

Business letter has a variety of formats to follow including full block, semi block, open format, modified block and the most adopted standard format. Standard business letter format is quite formal. Because it is including an optional subject line, it is very suitable and ideal in those conditions in which you require to draft a formal feedback or response or communicate regarding an account or case number. At the bottom of this page you will get to see a variety of standard business letter templates that will allow you to draft a business correspondence easily and effectively.

A business letter is a written correspondence sent by a company to another or a source to communicate with clients, customers and various other external entities. The style and format of a business letter is adopted depending upon the relationship between the relevant parties. It is a permanent written record and is taken more earnestly by the customer or other recipient than other modes of communication. Moreover, the standard business letter format uses a colon following the salutation and a comma right after the complementary close. Other elements of this format are the date, full name and business address of the recipient, salutation, the main content generally including three paragraphs and the closing.

Various companies and organizations prefer to use the standard business letter format with reference to draft their routine business correspondence in the most professional way. If you are relevant to a business entity or a customer who want to draft a business letter to any business entity then make use of our standard business letter templates available below to write such a letter. Below you will find a variety of samples, choose any of them that best suits your requirements. Edge forward to consider the templates given below.

Here Are Standard Business Letter Formats