5+ Sign Language Alphabet Charts

Start learning finger spelling to educate deaf people using a free and printable sign language alphabet chart template. Finger spelling is the indication of letters of a writing system, sometimes numeral systems determined and recognized only by the hands. These manual alphabets also known as sign language, finger alphabets or hand alphabets. Sign or finger language is used in deaf education and has consequently been followed as a clear-cut part of various sign languages. It is learnt both tactfully and visually. It includes a method of spelling words using hand motions. The finger spelling alphabet is used in sign language to spell different words for which there is no any sign and indication.

There could be a variety of reasons for learning such language and the best way to learn this language is use of a sign language alphabet chart. It can be used to spell words for signs that the signer doesn’t know the sign for, or to analyze a sign that is not recognized by the individual who is reading the sign. Furthermore, such alphabetic chart alphabet chart consists of English alphabets, numbers along with their hand signs or gestures, which enables people to easily learn finger spelling.

Nevertheless, in British Sign Language (BSL) there is used two hands for representing alphabets, meanwhile American Sign Language (ASL) uses a one-handed alphabet. If you are looking for such chart then make use of our free, printable and ready to use finger language alphabet chart templates available underneath in different formats, styles including both British Sign Language and American Sign Language formats. If you wish to download then click the download button below to download these amazing sign language alphabet chart templates, print them out or save in your device depend upon your choice, Scroll down to consider these templates.

Below Are Sign Language Alphabet Charts