5+ Running Head APA Word Templates

Formatting a paper in APA style could be some time taking and tricky task, but having a guide regarding proper format can help you to format APA in a right way form title page to the reference section. You can do so using our running head APA word templates. APA is a simple writing format used in general articles and books. The style is widely adopted sometimes with adjustments. Whereas, a running head is a heading at the top of each page, generally a title page of a book, article, research paper or chapter. It is also known as running head or short title.

Running title is shortened form of the general title and cited at the top of a published page of an article. Generally, it consists of fifty to sixty characters mostly including spaces and punctuation as well. These titles also use abbreviations of long headings. It acts as a counter part of manuscript and provides a short, quick look and central concept what the content is about. Furthermore, running head content is found at the top left side of a page and written in all capital letters.

If you want to create running head in APA format for your article, journal, book or any other writing script, in MS WORD 2013 version, you can try our free and printable running head APA word templates available below. All these templates are purely customized in Microsoft Word. After choosing and downloading any of them according your need and choice, you will become to make the best and inspiring running heads for your books, presentations, articles or whatever you are composing by using MS WORD 2013 because the templates only works in this version. Go ahead and start the process.

Download Free Running Head APA Word Templates