5+ Prenuptial Agreement Form Templates

A prenuptial agreement, which is also named as premarital agreement, ante nuptial agreement is a legal step taken by couples before marriage. Signing such an agreement could be a difficult decision engages people have to face. It is also sometimes abbreviated as prenup or prenupt. It is a contract which is signed prior to marriage, civil union or any other sort of agreement before the actual agreement made by the couples who intent to marry in near future or contract with each other. A prenuptial agreement form is filled and signed if a couple wish to make such a contract, for this purpose, we have put together a variety of prenuptial agreement form templates for your consideration.

The agreement settles the terms and conditions regarding financial property and other rights of each spouse for other. Although the terms of the contract vary from couple to couple depending upon their needs and preferences, but the most common terms include spousal support, division of property in case of divorce or separation of couple after marriage. The agreement also explains the terms for the abandonment of assets as a result of divorce on account of adultery, custody of children, more conditions regarding guardianship are also stated in the contract if require.

In various countries around the world, the premarital agreement not only considered at the time of divorce, but also to secure the property of any spouse throughout marriage. If you are engaged and want to set the terms and conditions before your marriage in order to secure your marital future and to avoid any future problems in case of separation or divorce, then consider our free and printable prenuptial agreement form templates. Downloading any of them you can customize the file by required information, print it out to sign and submit.

Prenuptial Agreement Form Templates Are Here