5+ Notice of Rent Increase Form Templates

Do you want to send a notice to your tenant for increasing rental amount! Use a notice of rent increase form given in the end of this article. The rent increase letter is a short notice sent by a landlord informing a tenant/s of their intention of increasing the monthly rental payment, in accordance of the state where they live. It is an official letter from a landlord to a tenant that formally discusses a variation in the amount of outstanding money. So if you are a landlord, you can notify your tenants regarding a forthcoming rent increase with our notice of rent increase form templates.

The owner of the rental property can only increase the rental payment amount if it was settled in the original rental agreement as well as the time period of changing in amount. Meanwhile, in case of the expiry of lease agreement and new lease is not created and signed, landlord will require obeying the state as well as domestic law to do so along with appropriate prior warning. Additionally, a simple notice has the basic elements like address and location of the rental property, current rent amount and new rent amount, date when the tenant has to start paying the new amount, name and signatures of both parties and so on.

Moreover, in case of month to month agreement, the landlord will need to send the tenant notice of rent increase, say thirty to sixty days before the increment will occur. If your tenant was good for you, you can also relinquish the increment in rent for the purpose of avoiding the problem of searching another tenant for your property. So if you are a landlord and want to send your tenant such notice then make use of our free and printable notice of rent increase form templates given here.

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